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Photo: Luke Franke
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Exhibits and Experience:

WOW Birds! Gallery 
  • Get banded and find out what bird you are! Visit interactive stations to learn about your habitat, nest, conservation and more.
  • Step into the Sound Forest and listen to bird songs in different habitats.
  • Peek inside real birds’ nests and use a magnifier to examine feathers.
  • Trace the migration patterns of different species on a light-up flyway map.
Fledgling Trail
  • Build your own nest and mimic the life stages of a bird from egg to first flight.
  • Play on the Discovery Tree Climb, slide out of a nest, and learn how to find your own food.
  • Fly like a bird on a playground zipline!
  • Relax in the sensory garden and enjoy a fragrant variety of native plants.
Drawn from Nature – John James Audubon Gallery
  • See an early edition Double Elephant Folio of The Birds of America and The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America.
  • View one of the copper plates that Audubon used to produce his bird prints.
  • Watch a short movie about Audubon’s life and mission to paint all the birds of North America.
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