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Volunteering at Mill Grove: Our mission is to educate and inspire people to cherish and protect the natural world, by preserving Audubon’s artistic, scientific, and historic legacy and celebrating the conservation movement it inspired.

Interested in becoming a part of the volunteer team? See below for contact information and a partial list of volunteer opportunities.


We are looking for education volunteers to assist with programs both on-site and in the community. Volunteers will work with Center staff to assist in setting up, delivering, and breaking down school and community education programs. Interested volunteers may be trained on bird handling to present bird ambassadors at schools, public events, and occasionally weddings.  For the job description, please email


  • Maintenance

    Small maintenance jobs always need to be done. Just a few things on our list include: small repairs, painting, changing lightbulbs, and checking filters. If you always dreamed of being a handy man this position is for you.

  • Grounds

    With well over 200 acres there is a lot to do to keep our site presentable to the public. Watering plants, sweeping, leaf blowing, planting grass seed, and removing fallen branches are just a few of the many tasks that need to regularly be done. Is your yard pristine – apply here.

  • Trails

    With over 9 miles of trails on property there is a great need for upkeep. Keep our trails clean, tidy, and presentable by picking up trash, marking trails, and minor trail maintenance. Are you an outdoors person or health nut – get your dose of nature and steps in by helping us here.

  • Bird Care

    With multiple Non-releasable Educational Birds, volunteers are needed to feed, clean, and potentially train our winged ambassadors. Looking for experience with wild animals – volunteer for this position.


  • Docent (Tour Guide)

    Greet visitors and conduct tours of the Historic House Museum at Mill Grove. Tours focus on the life and artwork of famous artist & naturalist John James Audubon (1785-1851) as well as the storied history of the property. History and art nerds apply here.

  • Gift-Shop/Front Desk

    Specializing in visitor relations, this position is the face of our property. Greet visitors, help answer questions about the property, ring up sales in the gift shop, and help with other small administrative tasks. Are you a People Person – this is the job you want!

  • House Keeping

    Assist us with light housekeeping of the Historic House and Barn. You will help keep the museum looking clean and inviting for our visitors through vacuuming, dusting, and other basic cleaning tasks. Are you a Neat Freak – volunteer for this position

  • Administrative

    Help the center keep on task with administrative tasks including data entry, filing, sorting and addressing mail, as well as other organizational activities. Have O.C.D. or like to organize your closet in your spare time – this is the job you want!

  • Collections

    Assist the museum curator in a variety of tasks involving the preservation, exhibition, and documentation of museum collections.

Audubon Mid-Atlantic Initiatives:

  • Healthy Forests
    • Kittatinny Ridge

      Help preserve the integrity of the Kittatinny Ridge and Corridor, a rugged forested mountain surrounded by a mosaic of working lands, healthy streams, and pastoral beauty.

  • Water
    • Water Quality Testing (GLOBE)

      Volunteer in the field as a citizen scientist testing local sources of water.

    • Riparian Buffer repair

      Riparian buffers are the vegetated areas bordering waterways that shade and protect them from the impact of adjacent land use. Their repair is key in increasing water quality and reducing pollution.

  • Bird-Friendly communities
    • Bird Walk Leaders

      Lead bird walks for individuals ranging from first timers to seasoned birders.  Occurring Saturday mornings between 7:45AM and 10:15AM, get to experience the diversity and beauty of our local birds before the property becomes busy.  Leaders will learn our “Bird Walk Guidelines,” gain familiarity with our property, take attendance, collect and return the needed materials for the walk, and track birds seen during the tour.  Some birding expertise required and familiarity with e-bird is an added bonus.

    • Native Plant Gardens

      Native Flower Bed creation, repair, and upkeep are constant needs on property at Mill Grove. Keep things new by changing locations every time you come or if you prefer consistency, adopt one of our beds as your own. If gardening is your thing you will love this opportunity.

    • Invasive Species Removal

      Non-native species can be extremely detrimental to local wildlife. Take weed removal to a new extreme by helping us rid the property of plants that do not belong here.

    • Community Outreach & Booths

      Help reach out to the community about the importance of planting and protecting native species of plants as well as other Audubon initiatives. Volunteers are needed to work booths at community and special events such as expos, open houses, and fairs.

  • Climate
    • Bluebird monitoring

      Help maintain the many bluebird boxes around the John James Audubon Center and collect much needed data on this species throughout the year. You will learn Blue Bird Box monitoring protocol, record information on breeding habits, nests and eggs, as well how to record and submit this data. Activity performed between Saturdays and Tuesdays.

    • Climate Watch

      Count birds at various times of year to help collect data about how the changing climate affects different species, their migration, and health.

Have a special skill or want to volunteer doing something that you have not seen listed? Let us know. We will be glad to work out a volunteer position doing something you would like – just let us know.

Required application and background check forms are available to download below.

All inquiries about volunteering other than Education should be addressed to:
Marcy Engleman
Senior Coordinator, Conservation Education

All other inquiries about volunteering should be addressed to:
Brian Walsh
Visitor Experience Manager