Braided Meadows at the John James Audubon Center

Part of a unique initiative taking place at parks and environmental centers across the Delaware River Watershed

Lenapehoking ~ Watershed

The Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River, a network of organizations with missions related to water-based conservation and education, commissioned environmental artist Sarah Kavage to create outdoor sculptures at 17 sites across the watershed as a way to increase community engagement with land, water, and nature. The art is being built with natural materials relevant to each site, and is inspired by traditional building and craft practices like roof thatching, basket weaving, furniture making, and hair braiding.The projects are known collectively as the “Lenapehoking ~ Watershed,” a reference to both the Delaware River Watershed and the land’s original inhabitants, the Lenape people.

Braided Meadows

The Lenapehoking ~ Watershed installation at the John James Audubon Center features a series of patterns and designs created by braiding native grasses growing in the field across from the Visitor’s Center. This “Liquid Landscape” artwork weaves seating areas into the landscape to create gathering places for visitors and a unique space for public programs developed with local artists and community groups.

Be sure to check out the "Liquid Landscape" project when you visit. Upcoming programs and events can be found on our events page and on the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove Facebook page.

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