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Snapshot Sunday

Each week on Twitter and Facebook we host a casual photography competition with the chance of being featured on our website! See below for details.
Congratulations to @birdnirdfoley for their submission to this week's theme Colorful Birds! Posted on Website:3/20/18
Thank you! @nateschweber for submitting this beautiful picture for this week's theme of Birds in Trees!! Submitted: March 11th, 2018/Twitter
Thank you Michelle for submitting to this week's theme Birds in Trees, Congrats on your win! Submitted: March 11th, 2018/facebook
I would like to congratulate our winner for this week's winner of the theme Worst Bird Picture goes to @geekyhousewife thank you so much so sending in your picture! Competition day: (2/25/2018) Post to website: (2/27/2018) Photo: @geeekyhousewife
I would like to congratulate this week's facebook winner of the theme the Worst Bird Picture! Michelle K. Paradis, thank you so much for submitting this photograph! Submitted Date (2/25/2018) Posted Date:(2/27/2018) Photo: Michelle K. Paradis

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This competition allows the winners to be featured on our site until the next competition. Each competition starts on Sunday and the decision on the winners is made Tuesday. Providing a photograph for this competition through the comment section of the post that are made on twitter and facebook means that you have given us you permission to post this picture on our site. Please note that the first were competitions will have one large overall competition because JJAC is currently undergoing construction and it is unsafe to enter the property if you are not an employee.

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