Noted Volunteers

Swati Arun
Volunteer of the Month - Swati Arun
I was born and brought up in India. I have my Master's in Public Relations with a background in journalism. I have worked extensively for civic and social issues back in my country as a journalist. You can check out some of my work here. After moving to the United States with my husband I found my first home in the lush greenery of Mill Grove. One of my favorite things to do here is sipping my hot cup of tea on my patio early morning while watching birds on my bird feeder. I also love the evening walks with my husband on the trails of Mill Grove. Being a nature worshipper myself I have an unconditonal love towards Mother Nature. I joined the John James Audubon Center and signed on to volunteer for content generation. I also help with social media marketing for Mill Grove's Facebook and Instagram accounts. I have also taken up a couple of other projects and I must say I am learning a lot. Working on a customer relationship management software and office management interface so far has been a great experience. Every day is a new day here. Coming from a different culture and a different continent altogether I am glad to have met a bunch of like-minded people. I get to learn so much about their culture, food habits and lifestyle. I am also learning a lot about the local ecosystem, birds and John James Audubon himself. The staff and other volunteers are full of life. Being here is like a blessing!
Maggie Innes I am a retired social worker born in Philadelphia. I was raised in Paoli which is a half an hour drive to Millgrove. I really belong to the lush green environment here. I have a Masters in Social Services and Law and Social Policy. I love folk music and camping. I also love to read and travel. I have an unconditional love towards nature and birds to be specific. When I was a little girl my dad would take me on bird walks to see our neighborhood Great Horned Owl, Great Blue Herons, Green Herons and raptors. I cherished these walks at Millgrove. I take a lot after my father with my love towards antiques, including Audubon prints. After my retirement I resolved to work on my bird identification skills as I wanted to do something unlike my previous jobs. I joined the John James Audubon Center and signed on to volunteer for education, working with young students. Teaching and learning about the local ecosystem, birds and John James Audubon himself was a great experience. Being such a nature lover, I started leading bird walks, monitoring blue bird boxes and volunteering for special events. In addition to all this I also help to coordinate volunteers. The staff and other volunteers are so kind and appreciative. It is more fun than work to be here!

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