Summer Camps at the John James Audubon Center

Photo: Camilla Cerea
Photo: Camilla Cerea

Two-week camps for kids ages 9-12

Outdoor Art Adventures: June 26th to July 7th

$630 (discount for no camp on July 4th)

Let's learn all about nature artists and artists in nature! Discover those who dedicated their lives to illustrating animals in the wild and create your own works of art. We will also delve into the world of bird song and discover the many ways that birds communicate.

Aquatic Adventures: July 10th to July 21st


The John James Audubon Center is part of the Perkiomen Creek and Delaware River watersheds. During these two weeks, we will learn about the watersheds as well as the plants and animals that call it home. We'll also learn about how plant life is important to our rivers and streams, and about microplastics and the danger they present to our aquatic life.

Pollination and Migration: July 24th to August 4th


We can't live without pollinators so let's spend our camp time learning all about them and we can help them to survive. We'll explore birds and insects that help pollinate plants, and discover some things we can do in our own communities and backyards to benefit them. We will also use Audubon's new Migratory Bird Explorer app to see when and where birds migrate, and learn how our actions can have an effect on them.

One-week camps for kids ages 6-8

Nature Detectives: June 26th to June 30th or July 17th-July 21st


During this week, we will explore clues in nature to discover who lives there, and how they use the environment around them. We willalso learn about certain animals that pretend to be someone else!

Feathers, Fur, Skin, and Scales: July 3rd to July 7th or July 24th to July 28th

$280 (discount for no camp on July 4th) or $350

Explore animal adaptations of all types, from body coverings to interesting behaviors. Campers will learn about animals great and small, and the superpowers they have that help them survive.

Animal Architects: July 10th to July 14th or July 31st to August 4th


Everything needs a place to live. We will learn about animal homes, how they are built, and the interesting ways they are used and reused. We also will make a bird feeder out of recycled items to put up where you live.

After Camp

Want to extend the camp day? Can't pick up your camper by 3 pm? Enroll them in After Camp! The campers will be engaged in fun games, crafts, and activities. After Camp runs from 3-5 pm, and cost $35 per day.

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