The New John James Audubon Center for Art and Conservation at Mill Grove in partnership with Montgomery County

Opening early 2019

The vision. We have approached this project holistically. We understand the importance of honoring Mill Grove’s unique history, protecting the existing structures, and providing state of the art collections management facilities while meeting the expectations of modern museum audiences. The John James Audubon Center will join Valley Forge National Park and Longwood Gardens as one of the region’s premier cultural destinations.

The outcome. We seek not merely to turn eyes skyward, but to engage all visitors in the stewardship of our natural world. Children will know that heroes can wield paint brushes or band birds and leave a legacy of conservation. Adults will discover that native plants can be beautiful as well as beneficial. Students will have a venue to explore nature through science. Artists will have inspiration and birds will have a sanctuary.

The campaign. We are delighted that $12 million of our $16 million campaign goal has already been raised thanks to early investments from Montgomery County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and dozens of generous Center supporters. Achieving our goal will ensure all aspects of the project are fully funded including renovations, construction, exhibits, endowment, and educational programming.

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The Architects:
Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site has been providing extraordinary design solutions for ordinary budgets since 1995. For 20 years, we have worked hard to dispel the notion that meager budgets justify the mediocre outcomes that are built every day.

Principals Jim Bogrette and Martin Kimmel bring with them more than 50 years of combined experience in helping clients to fulfill their missions by transforming their unique needs into reality. Kimmel Bogrette has become a well-respected, award-winning design firm by combining experience, expectations and excellence that starts with the principals and is passed down through the firm and on to our clients.

With headquarters in Conshohocken, PA, Kimmel Bogrette has expanded recently to a firm size of 20. Clients can be found throughout the region and as far away as Florida and Texas and include municipalities, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, religious institutions, corporations, retailers, private developers, the medical profession, senior healthcare providers/developers and private individuals.

The Exhibit Designers:
Gecko Group
Our work is based on a strong commitment to collaboration and successful outcomes with uncompromised creativity.

Any good communications design firm will deliver creative solutions.
That’s not enough…

Gecko Group believes in the power of a good conversation. We start the dialog by asking questions of our clients. Then, of course, we listen. Not just to the words they say. We want to be sure we hear where they’re coming from. What are the real issues hidden just below the surface? What are the intangibles unspoken, but inferred? These are the insights that help us help our clients communicate clearly and in the right voice. Yes, we’re designers, but we’re communicators first. We should talk.

The Landscape Architects:
ThinkGreen is a landscape architecture, construction and ecological design firm located 20 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. We offer comprehensive professional services ranging from conceptual planning to construction implementation. The unique experience andknowledge of our team makes our firm qualified to undertake the planning, design, implementation and management of a wide variety of projects.

ThinkGreen focuses on the design and development of landscapes that respect and enhance existing natural systems. We serve both private and public clients who seekinnovative, cost efficient and ecologically sensitive solutions. We are both leaders and collaborators, welcoming opportunities to tackle complex projects in conjunction with our associated professions.

ThinkGreen is committed to the economic success of every project and maximizing the potential of all who are involved in a project.

Thank you to Montgomery County, the commissioners and all who have been a part of this huge project without whom this center would not be possible.