Contact us at Mill Grove

Mill Grove
Front desk: extension 101
Education: extension 109

1201 Pawlings Road
Audubon, PA 19403

We are located at the intersection of Audubon Road and Pawlings Road at the light. 
Many GPS systems are not accurate when bringing guests to Mill Grove. We have found the best solution is to use the intersection for your destination address if possible. Also, many do not recognize Audubon as a town. Please use Norristown if this is the case with your GPS.

Rentals and Weddings:
Jeffrey Miller Catering:
Shannon: 610-990-3411

Education Programs
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Are you calling regarding an injured bird? We do not take them at Mill Grove. Here are the local numbers to call for help:

Aark Wildlife Rehabilition and Education Center

Diamond Roack Wildlife Rehabilition Clinic

Schuylkill Wildlife Rehab Center

Helping Hands Wildlife Center

Red Creek Wildlife Center

Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research

All Pennsylvania Employees and contact information:

Audubon Pennsylvania – phone: 610-666-5593

Greg H Goldman x 102 • Executive Director/VP  • ggoldman@audubon.org

Amy Weidensaul  x 110 • Dir of Community Conservation & Education • aweidensaul@audubon.org

Central PA Office – phone: 610-666-5593

100 Wildwood Way • Harrisburg, PA 17110 • 717-213-6880   

Holly Smith (PT) • Education Project Coordinator • hsmith@audubon.org 

Kim Schubert  • Project Coordinator  • kschubert@audubon.org


Keith Russell (PT) • Program Manager, Urban Conservation • 6222 McCallum Street • Philadelphia, PA  19144 • krussell@audubon.org

Rhyan Grech • Program Manager, Community Stewardship • rgrech@audubon.org

Jeremy TaitanoProject Coordinator, Philadelphia Area • jtaitano@audubon.org

Audubon PA Staff at JJAC – phone: 610-666-5593

Wendy Christie  x 110 • Development Coordinator, Grants and Administration • wchristie@audubon.org

Jeanne Ortiz  x 106 • Program Manager, Landscape Conservation • jortiz@audubon.org

Steven Saffier  x 112 • Program Manager, Bird Friendly Communities • ssaffier@audubon.org

John James Audubon Center

1201 Pawlings Road, Audubon, PA  19403 • phone: 610-666-5593 

Jean Bochnowski  x 105 • Center Director & Deputy State Director • jbochnowski@audubon.org

Carrie Barron  x 109 • Asst. Dir/Education Manager  • cbarron@audubon.org

Maggie Innes • Volunteer Coordinator • jjacvolunteer@audubon.org

Mary MacFarland  x 111 • Operations Manager • mmacfarland@audubon.org

Amanda Beisch  x 109 • Educator Coordinator • abeisch@audubon.org

Stephanie Britten • Projects Coordinator • sbritten@audubon.org

Nathan Roberts  (PT) • Facilities Coordinator  • nroberts@audubon.org

Ruth Cella (PT) x 100 • Campaign Manager • rcella@audubon.org

Andree Miller • Montgomery County Curator at JJAC  • amiller@montcopa.org

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