Famous Italian Muralist Visits Mill Grove

Hitnes traveled in the footsteps of John James Audubon tracing his every move in search of his birds. His first visit in America was where it all started for Audubon; at Mill Grove. He toured, photographed and canoed the grounds to embrace and begin his journey in the same way as the famous artist and ornithologist.
Ever since Hitnes landed in the States this summer, intent on retracing the steps of John James Audubon, he's been spying the large Great Blue Herons to the tiny Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Below is an image of him on his tour of Mill Grove viewing the Perkiomen Creek where Audubon had originally spotted many of his birds and first banded the Eastern Phoebee in a cave along this very waterway. 
Watching water fowl on the Perkiomen Creek Photo: Jessica Stewart