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Douglas Tweddale - Changing Gallery

January 7, 2019 - March 22, 2019
About the Artist - Doug Tweddale I began drawing and painting at a very young age and I have painted ever since. My favorite subjects are moving water, mountain scenes and aged trees.  I especially enjoy painting out West and in Maine.  Like  everyone else, I often go about my days involved in my own activities and forget to look at and appreciate my surroundings.  My paintings are created from my inner excitement when I really stop and see.  My hope is that you will also pause and see with me as I reflect on nature’s surprising and beautiful creations. At the age of 13, I entered my first art show with a pencil drawing of a young girl playing a lute and received an honorable mention.  Since then, I have been in many shows and have fortunately won many awards.  I have made it my art practice to study with art mentors.  These mentors have helped me enhance my skills and deepen my insights towards my art.  Mentoring began with my Uncle Lester Gallagher at a young age.  Lester was a well-known oil painter in northern Indiana who loved painting the dunes of Lake Michigan.  Since then, I have studied in oils, watercolor and for the last 30 years in pastel.  During the last 15 years, I have studied with Albert Handell, who is well known in the art world and a master painter in both oils and pastels.  Albert is a master at capturing the moment and amazing beauty of nature. I admire his work and am pleased to say Albert is my good friend.  Plein Air painting has become my main art interest because it offers me the direct experience of a scene with all the colors a photograph does not capture. Being outdoors allows me to experience the beauty of nature directly rather than from a photograph.  My paintings are enhanced by the sights, sounds and smells of the site.  As I walk through a site, I take it in and wait for a feeling of excitement and awe about something there.  It could be a view, a color, a subject or shape.  My painting focus is to capture this excitement. It is an all encompassing challenge and joy – a dialogue between me and the subject placed in two dimensional form.  I am pleased to share my art perspective with you. I also teach Plein Air painting to other artists to promote the benefits of this unique method.

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Awards: 2018   Signature Membership – Pastel Society of New York 2018 “Jack Richardson & Co. Silver Award’ – Pastel Society of the West Coast 2018 “Best Painting” – Greater Norristown Art League 2015 “Best in Show” – Greater Norristown Art League, Norristown, PA 2015 “Aaron Schuler Workshop Award” – Pastel Society of the West Coast, Sacramento, CA 2015 “Award of Excellence” - Greater Norristown Art League, Norristown, PA  2015 “2nd Place – Painting” -  National Audubon Society Plein Air Competition, Audubon, PA 2014 “Featured Artist – Plein Air” Mountainsong Galleries, Carmel, CA 2014 2013 “1st Place – Works on Paper” - National Audubon Society, Audubon, PA 2013 2012 “Award of Excellence” – Greater Norristown Art League, Norristown, PA 2012 2011 “3rd Place – Painting”   Artsbridge,  New Hope, PA 2011 Articles: “Painting in the National Parks” – Pastel Journal Magazine WEBSITE:  WWW.DOUGTWEDDALE.COM        EMAIL: DTWEDDALE@HOTMAIL.COM