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Art Show 2017

"Drawn From Nature" - Annual Juried Show
Get Involved

Art Show 2017

"Drawn From Nature" - Annual Juried Show

April 8 - 23, 2017

Click here for information about our show.
Please note:
Accepted artwork must be personally delivered and picked up: we cannot accept mailed or shipped submissions.

Located in the historic barn
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 1pm - 4pm

Over the last year, based on conversations with many artists, a steering committee evaluated options for streamlining the juried exhibition process and has decided to employ online submission. We have chosen (CaFE) for the submission process because of its ease of use.

For those who need assistance with this process, we will be offering optional free workshops to help with any of the following: photographing your submission, editing the submission image, creating a CaFE profile/ portfolio and applying to our exhibition. See prospectus for details.

For general assistance with process:

For technical information about photography submission:


Some artists may wish to keep things simple and take a picture with their iphone or ipad.

Here are some tips if you wish to photograph your work at home: 

iPhone Instructions
iPhones use the .JPG extention in the default file name (and not .jpg). The rotation information is not fully saved in the .JPG extention when viewed in a browser. (In other words, your images will appear rotated on your computer but then be sideways when viewed after it is uploaded). In order to FULLY save the rotation, use a "save as" command, after rotating the image in your editing software, and change the extention to .jpg. It is not enough to just rename the file, you must change the extention to .jpg when saving it. 

*Please keep in mind that using an iPhone is most likely the easiest way to upload your image. Be sure take the image straight on, the art should not be behind glass to prevent glare, and use a solid color background to help with cropping.*

Simple Instructions

DIY Set Up

Professional Set Up


January 5: Online submission opens

January 28, February 1 and February 4: Free optional photography and online submission assistance workshops

February 26: Application DEADLINE

March 10:  All artists will receive an email identifying work that has been accepted or not accepted

March 31, April 1, April 2: Delivery of accepted work

April 7: Artist Reception and Awards

April 23: Show closes

April 23, 25: Artwork Pickup