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Art Classes

Dates for the art classes will be posted soon. Once posted please follow the directions on this page as to how to sign up for the art classes. 

Hidden Animals and Imagination

Students will start with a game as they take turns identifying camouflaged creatures in a specially designed painting.  Some of the forty plus animals are easy to spot while others are much more challenging.  A discussion of reasons and methods animals use to hide will be enhanced with a slide show featuring an amazing array of these creatures. Students will then create their own hidden animals drawing.  Plenty of reference material will be available; however students may create their own creatures.  As the class progresses, students will be encouraged to create their own imaginary animals. Creativity will be encouraged. This is a drawing course. Parents will be expected to provide materials.  A sturdy drawing pad is required. Pencils and markers are acceptable, but colored pencils are recommended.

Ages 8-13, Class will be held on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm, This course will run for 10 sessions
Cost:    $120.00


Painting Nature

This course is offered to high school aged students and adults. Using photographic or found references, students will create paintings depicting animal or landscape themes. Considerable reference materials will be available for borrowing.  Students may also bring their own references. This is a painting course and the suggested medium is acrylic paint on board or canvas. Preference for other kind of paint (oil, water color, etc) is acceptable. Although there will be some demonstration and discussion, the majority of the course will proceed with one-to-one guidance. Students should come prepared to the first class with pencil, drawing pad and reference material (optional). Students are expected to provide materials (Paint, paintbrushes, canvas or board, etc) which will be discussed at the first class.

Class will be held on Thursday from 7:00-9:00 pm. The course will run for 10 sessions
Cost:    $120.00