Staff Updates

Check out new staff members, staff activities or great birding adventures!

Welcome to New Executive Director
Greg H. Goldman

We are pleased to announce that we found exactly the right leader in Greg H. Goldman. Greg was formally a Vice President, Development for the Philadelphia Zoo. Prior to that, he was CEO of The Digital Impact Group. This is very exciting time for Audubon Pennsylvania with development of the Discovery Center and construction of the new John James Audubon Center for Art and Conservation. Greg has expertise that will advance all of our work-from on- the- ground nature education with city schoolchildren, to corporate boardroom discussions about- bird friendly construction, to statewide advocacy for needed conservation policies, to largescale investments that will change the conservation landscape in Pennsylvania permanently. We are lucky to have him on-board.


Trip to Galapagos!

Amy Weidensaul, Audubon's Director of Community Conservation will share stories and photos from her recent trip to the Galapagos on October 12. The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands along the Equator in the Pacific Ocean. The wildlife is playful allowing very close interactions. Amy will share stories of her adventures snorkeling with sea turtles, sea lions and Galapagos penguins and walking through the nesting sites. Join us for an evening of photos and stories and learn about his amazing archipelago 600 miles off the Ecuador coast.