The Resident Birds of Mill Grove

Come visit our 6 non-releasable birds!

Our Non-Releasable Bird Program

Our regal and beautiful birds have each suffered a permanent injury (physical or mental) that makes them unable to survive in the wild, where even a seemingly small injury spells the difference between predatory dominance and certain death.

As avian ambassadors these non-releasable wild birds have been trained to help educate people about their natural history and issues facing birds today. They visit schools, scouts, businesses, fairs/festivals, conferences, and many other special events. Up close experiences with our birds can inspire youth and adults alike to take further actions in conservation and citizen science.


Conrad, our 8-year-old Blue Jay that found his way to Mill Grove from Tri-State Area Rescue. He was taken from his nest as a fledgling and illegally raised in captivity. Due to this experience, Conrad was imprinted which hinders him from finding food on his own or knowing how to socialize with other birds. He has an extremely friendly temperament and loves being around people.

Meet little Conrad’s Aunt Helena

"Although I live in New Jersey, I have been on assignment to a firm close to Mill Grove and have delighted in exploring the trails and non-releasable birds during my lunch hour.  Conrad, in particular, has captured my heart and I am so grateful to the staff for their service to these noble creatures and the beautiful estate."   ~Aunt Helena


Oden is a our 10 year old Great Horned Owl. He was raised in captivity and has become imprinted upon humans. Since he no longer fears us, he cannot be released to live on his own.  He was placed into a wildlife rehabilitation program to act as a foster father raising three owlets that were then returned to the wild.  While in the rehab program, he was also reconditioned to serve as an educational ambassador.

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Sammy, Scooter, and Oscar

Both Sam and Scooter both were hit by cars on separate occasions resulting in being blind in opposite eyes. Sam is our 11-year-old male and Scooter is our 7-year-old female. They live together in one enclosure. Oscar is our newest Eastern Screech owl. She is about 9 years old and has just moved here from West Virginia and has become great friends with her two roommates. 


Sherlock is our 12 years old Barred Owl. Like so many owls, Sherlock was hit by a car. He suffered a broken wing but with rehab has again become fully flighted. Though he can fly, the wing that was broken has not completely returned to normal so is was unable to be released into the wild. 
Currently he is living in the enclosure that Luna (Great Horned Owl) lived in. Luna is currently living off site getting special intensive daily training. She will be returning to Mill Grove from time to time for educational programs only.  Once the new raptor enclosure and outdoor aviary has been completed she should be returning to us full time!

Hopper is a female, non-releasable Broad-winged Hawk, that was injured when she was hit by a car and has a broken wing. Due to this injury, she is unable to fly. However because of her energy and consistent hopping around she gained her name Hopper. We are happy to have relocated her from Great Valley Nature Center to Mill Grove in December 2017.